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1947 Invader
How to Share With Just Friends

How to share with just friends.

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1947 Invader Awaiting Her New Owners Mike & Tammy Plumer
This 1947 Invader Trailer was purchased by Charles and Pearl Campbell in Glendale, California.  Pearl
 Campbell wanted a larger front window in the trailer and Mr. Campbell obliged by purchasing a larger
 window from another local trailer manufacturer and installing it himself in their Invader.  He also replaced
 the original ratchet air vent with a vent from another manufacturer.  Other than these modifications the
 trailer has remained in original purchased condition.





Pearl and Charles Campbell
Charles, Chuck, Nadine and Syl Campbell
Original Aircraft Products Emblem
Chuck Campbell and Brooke Woellner ~ March 2012
Mike and Tammy Plumer
 The Campbell's had three children, Nadine, Chuck, and Syl.  Chuck was 11 years old when the trailer was
purchased.  They used the trailer for family outings traveling the coast of California with other family
members and their trailers.  Chuck, the eldest son explained that his parents slept on the couch in the rear
of the trailer and his sister and brother slept on the fold down dinette.  Chuck slept in a sleeping bag in the
center of the trailer.  Because of limited space each child was given a drawer in the closet unit to keep
their traveling needs and treasures.  The Invader was originally towed behind a 1939 Buick.  In 1951 the
family purchased a Chevy Pick-Up to tow the home on wheels.  The Invader was well traveled from
Burbank to the Canadian border, up and down the California Coast, Yosemite, the Sequoias and to the
Grand Canyon via Bryce Canyon and Zion, Utah along with many local family adventures.
The trailer remained in the family and was later passed to Chuck.  Chuck and his wie Diane also traveled
in the trailer and used it as their base camp for their Campbellama's Art and Adventures business in
Nevada.  Diane admits that she learned to camp and travel thru her exposure to the Campbell family
which left many fun and interesting travels and fond memories in their lives.  The trailer found its home
in Gardnerville, Nevada via Burbank, Pear Blossom, and Lake Isabella, California.  The 1951 Chevy was
passed to Syl who restored it and still uses it for transportation in Burbank, California today.

In 2012 Chuck and Diane began to pare down their possessions and they included the trailer in a yard
sale.  Brooke Woellner, a member of Sister's on the Fly, a women's fly fishing and caravan organization,
had scoured the west coast for just the right trailer to purchase and restore and there it was just 10 miles
from her home!  She purchased the trailer from Chuck and Diane with the promise that it would be
restored using the original parts and became the second owner of the 1947 Invader.  Brooke garaged the
trailer, inventoried all interior components, restored the original light fixtures and polished the outside.
Thanks to Chuck's detailing many of the aluminum trim parts were identified making the puzzle easier.
During this time she also did research to find the original manufacturer and any available information.
Another Invader was located on Long Island, New York.  The owner had the same story about the trailer
being made in Los Angeles from scrap aluminum salvaged from the closure of McDonald Aircraft
company.  The Invader in New York had a manufacturer's emblem that identified the trailer as made by
Aircraft Products Co., Rolling Homes Trailers in Los Angeles, California.  All lights were produced by S&M
Light Co., Los Angeles, Made in USA.  The rear tail lights were produced by DORAY Lamp Co.,
Chicago, USA.  The original upholsterer was I. Gruda Upholstery of Los Angeles, California.  This trailer is all
aluminum including the frame.  The only wood in the trailer was the floor and wood strips used to attach
the interior paneling.
 April of 2015 the second owner lost the storage and work space to complete the trailer.  At that juncture it
was advertised on Craig's list.  After many calls and questions one person sent a representative to look at
the trailer.  It was determined that day that it would be a costly venture to bring it up to the standard that he
was looking for and so he would not be making the purchase.  A short time after that and with
considerable thought this person came to look at the trailer
himself.  He saw the potential of ownership
and that day became the third owner of the 1947 Invader, serial number 46-206.  Mike and Tammy
Plumer had the trailer delivered to Pete and Vicki Snyder of
Sierra Trailer Restoration in Nevada City,
California for a complete and beautiful restoration.  The Invader was completed in July of 2015 and is the only
known Invader on the road to date.  It resides in the Bay Area of California.
The story of this trailer is unique in the passion and care to see beauty in the past while building memories
for the future and friendships with common interests.  It was a great pleasure to be a part of the conduit
between experts of unique parts and skills and past and present owners.  Much was learned, shared and

Brooke Woellner - 2015
Front View
Driver Side
Passenger Side
Driver Side Rear Corner
Top of Kitchen Cabinet / Ice Box
Dining Table & Cushions Collapse into a Bed.  Dining Cushion Fabric is Reverseable.
Rear View ~ Couch Expands to a Bed ~ Trailer Sleeps Four
On the Let is Dresser and Drawers & Closet
1947 Original Aluminum Lights
Sconce Shades Match Curtains
Photo Taken from Rear of Trailer
Hand Painted Using Original Stencil
Upgrade on the Wheels
Personalized Door & Invader Tag Replicated
Bye Bye Invader
This was a Ground up Restoration.  Invader was Delivered to Sierra Trailer
Restoration on a Flat Bed Trailer with all Original Cabinets and Parts Carefully
Placed Inside.    
HERE to follow it's Journey
Notice the Hand Cart attached to the Trailer.  To the Right is the same Hand Cart "Tricked Out".