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Chuck & Kathe's
1963 Airstream
Tradewind Restoration
Driver Side
Passenger Side
(Love the Continental Kit on the Spare Tire!)
Exterior Before Pictures:
Interior Before Pictures:
Entry Door View - Looking to the Right
Entry Door View - Looking to the Left
Exterior of Entry Door
Interior of Entry Door
Sleeping Area
Dressing Area
Window Treatment
Bathroom Sink
Kitchen Sink & Stove
Sink Chipped
Stove Top Chipped
Kitchen  Cabinets
Front of Trailer Celing Sky Light & Fixtures
Rear of Trailer Celing Vent
"The Way She Was"
"The Way She is Today
June 21st
Rear View
"The Way She is Today
June 21st
Front View
We removed Front Section of Floor Due to Rot
Up In the Air & On Jacks so we can get to the Underside
New Sub Floor is Next!
"The Way She is Today
June 28th
Rear View
A whole lot of Dents Removed. Can hardly wait to see this polished!
Rear Sub Floor Looking Good ~ Ready to go to The Axle Shop
Axle Work Complete
Louvered Windows Removed
Lower Window Removed & Will Be Installed on the Passenger Side (Top Position)
We will Replace the Panel to Clean Up the Mess
Front Sub Floor Looking Good
Panel Replaced and Trailer Polished
Passenger Side - Ignore Camera Flash
Side by Side Before & After Comparison on the Rear
Polished Front View
Side by Side Before & After Comparison of the Interior Door
Polished Drip Rails & Spare Tire Cover
New Framework for Mounting Step & a New Step
New Window Seals Neded
New Window Seals Installed
(Yes ... The Windows Have to Be Taken Completelly Apart To Do This)
Another Window Shown with New Window Seals
And ... Another Window Shown with New Window Seals
Walls Primed / Painted & The Flooring Installed
Action Picture on the Flooring - Had to bring it in through the Front Winow
That's Jason working on the Cabinets
Cabinets Re-Faced ~ Left Sie
Cabinets Re-Faced ~ Right Side
Before Color
Hitch ~ Looking Good
Bumper ~ Looking Good
Who Hoo ~ Look at the Red Wheels!
Progress on Pantry / Fridge Cabinet
Couch / Bed Shown in Couch Position
Couch / Bed Shown in Bed Position
Progress on the Driver Side Interior
And ... The Bathtub Transformation
(Turned Out Great!)
Shower Wall with its Red Ellipse Formica
Dressing Table Sporting Red Ellipse Formica
Kitchen Cabinet Progress
Bathroom Cabinet Framed
There were no Drawers/Shelves in Original Cabinet
Original Cabinet
Toilet Wall in Birch
Bathroom Counter Sporting Red Ellipse Formica
The Dining Area Booth
There is Storage in the Seating Cavity's
Driver Side Pictured showing Misc Progress
A whole Lot of "Masking" Going On!
Driver Side Ready for Spraying
Driver Side Sprayed
Stove in Position with its Painted to Match Vent Hood
Fridge takes on its New Look
Adjustment made to allow for Black Tank under Toilet
Cabinet Doors are Here - Finishing Spray & Installation Coming Soon
Passenger Side Dining Area Fixtue
Bathroom Fixture
Puck Light in Dressing Area
Puck Light above Kitchen Sink
Installation of Lights on 12 Volt Wiring
Tank Monitor Installed
Christmas Card Picture?
Doors ~ Doors
More Doors
Whew! "
"Quite a Bit Warmer in Here!"
Defineately Coming Together with the Drawers Made and Doors Hung
Passenger Side Shown
Above Dining Area Cabinets
Kitchen Cabinets / Drawers
Upper Bathroom Cabinet
Lower  Bathroom Cabinet / Drawers
Above Bed Cabinets
Dressing Area Upper Cabinet
Kitchen Sink just Cut In
Custom Built Water Tank Hidden under Pull Out Bed
Bedroom Lights
Toilet / Shower Hooked Up
Bathroom Door
Water Heater Access & Water Tank Fill
Gorgeous Upholstery Job by Mark & Lori of Artist Upholstery
Grass Valley, CA
Pull Out Bed
What a Transformation
Chuck & Kathe