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Conversion to look like Airstream's 2006 75th Anniversary Bambi
Taking Apart the Trailer - Rear View
Kitchen Area 'Before' Picture
This Trailer was initially accessed as ONLY Needing the Interior
Removed before proceeding with an Elaborate Remodel.
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Taking Apart the Trailer - Front View
Driver Side Interior Shown.  Picture Taken From Bambi's  Entrance.
Dining Area.   PictureTaken From Bambi's  Entrance.
Dining Area.   Floor Out.  Notice Knife in top left corner.  That's Wood Rot.  Everything you see in this picture will be
removed to make necessary floor repairs & design changes.
That's Tim Hodges in Action Scraping the Floor.
Diagram of Bambi's Wood Rot Areas. XXX = Rot
View # 1
View #  2
View # 3
View # 4
View # 5
Visualize the Sink Cabinet being moved to the right side of the left window
Tim Hodges ~  Bambi's Doctor
Q - How did this trailer get so damaged?
A - Unknown to the buyer, this trailer had structural damage.  Damage masked by Caulking.
Removal of the the Caulking revealed the water damage source.
Here we show the Step Damage & the Source of the Damage.
New Design of the Step is " in the works".
Before and After of Front Floor Repair
Wheel Well Flashing & Shimming the Sub Floor
Sub Floor Front View