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1966 Airstream Caravelle
Exterior Before Restoration Pictures
Nicole & Jeff
Interior Before Restoration Pictures
Driver Side
Passenger Side
Step # 1 ~ Prep for the Polishers
.  Panel Replacement
.  Patches
.  Dent Removal
.  Sanding
.  Remove Storage Box & Antenna's
Bye Bye Old Panel
Hello New Panel
Hole Patching
Dent Repair
Storage Box Removed
Antenna's & Bottles Removed
Passenger Side View
Pretty and Shiny ~ We'll be Prettying Up the Hitch Soon
Driver Side Looking Good with her Panel Replacement
Passenger Side & Rear View
That's Joe Getting Ready to launch into the Inside Restoration
Everything & I Mean Everything Gets Taken Out!
Ripping Out the Big Stuff.
Plumbing Exposed ~ Recommendation is to re-plum in PEX
Here Comes the Primer
Here Comes the Paint
A Perfect Compliment to Existing Tweed Look Cabinetry
Hitch Prepped & Primered for Paint
Floor did not feel Sound so we cut into the floor.  
Torsion Type Axle has lost all it's spring.
Recommendation:  New Axle
(Now we know why the Cabinets were torn away from the Walls)
Shows the Repair
PEX Plumbing Showed
Re-Keyed the Locks & Took the pictures in the RAIN
Cabinet Work Started
Step Refurbishing
Cork Look on the Floor
A Whole Lot of Electrical Going On
Bathroom Cabinet Refurbished ~ Cute Little Mirror on the Inside
Over the Bed Cabinets Sure Look Better!
Original Look
Original Kitchen Cabinets Ready to go back in
Re-Do on Bathroom Cabinets
Original Bed Platform Ready to go back in
Bumper Storage Compartment "In the Works"
Windows are not part of this project)
Diamond Plate on New Bumper Box
Cabinets Going In
Counter top Laminate Action!
Kitchen Area Complete ~ Awaiting Mini Blinds
Very Pretty
Construction Complete but really needs Mini Blinds to finish it off
Air Conditioner Painted Silver
Definately Christmas Card Material
Mini Blinds gave Caravelle Cutie the Finishing Touch
Kitchen Mini Blinds ~ Check Out the Look with Bathroom Door Closed
We matched the Color of the Cabinets to the Color of the Door
Nice Blinds but Screams for Color
(Table Leaf Stored in Cabinet to Right)
We Heard You
The Rest of the Story ...
Week by Week Process & Progress