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The Airstream

By Erika Root, Age 11 6/25/2005

The floor of our Airstream is dirty,

The dirt, twigs, and cookie crumbs make it very grimy.

I'm so glad it's dry here in Nevada,

Or things would probably be slimy.

The hall is very tiny,

And the bathroom is extremely small.

And every time I turn around,

I bump, hit, or trip over some kind of wall.

The door is hard to shut,

The closets are hard to close.

And the bathroom smells so much like bleach

When I go, I hold my nose.

Now you've heard the bad things,

Let me tell you the good.

I always remember good things,

Or at least I think I should.

In the Airstream,

Cabinets are everywhere you look.

No space is completely empty,

Something's in every cranny and nook.

Lights are nearly everywhere,

Windows are everywhere too.

A light is in every single room,

But don't be glad there's a window in the loo.

At 9a.m. in the morning,

The table is perfect for five.

But let's just say at 11a.m.,

'cause at 9 we're not remotely alive.

So there's the good and bad,

Including cabinets, windows, lights, and floors.

I sure do love this Airstream,

Don't you just love yours?

Article Source

Erika Root WBCCI #6376, Sierra Nevada Unit #157

Written about the Root's 26 ft 1954 Airstream Cruiser

Brian and Jeni Root with Erika, Sidney and Nick

Click on above picture for a photo gallery of the Root's Airstream

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