Removing the Couch/Bed  exposed the unfinished  
floor beneath the Couch/Bed.  This area will  show  
with the new design so the floor had to be patched.
Floor Complete / A Perfect Match
Insulate the entire inside
Desk area backboards put up /  Electrical sockets Installed
Hardware installed to mount desk braces.
Temporary Desk Braces Shown.
Laying out the Desk Top
Desk Book Shelves in Position  
Originally this area of the trailer was to be the
bedroom area with a pull out couch that made into a
bed & extended lengthwise. Because this bed was
to pull out lengthwise & the new bed needed to pull
out sideways, we were unable to use it.  The wood
you see above was taken apart & used to make the
new bed.
Desk Light Switch
Desk Light
Desk Area Patch
Building the Office
(In the Front of the Trailer)
Modified Desk Braces
Painting the Desk Top
Drying the Desk Top
3Holes on Top
of Desk for
Electrical Cord