Building the Sides & Tail Fins - Rear View
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Greg & Shannon's
1982 StarCraft Venture

Coming In For
Swoopie Futureistic

We've Got Plans!

Took off the Roof Piece

Kept all the
Interior Cushions

Removed the

We Removed

Interior As Poppy

Changes are Coming!

Interior Ceiling View

Structural Examination

passenger Side Rear
Wood Rot

Passenger Side

Driver Side
Wood Rot

Hoses & All That Stuff

More Stuff

More Wood Rot

And ....
More Wood Rot

Poppy is going to
have to have
an Extreme Make Over

It's Bad!

Even the Floor Board


It all had to go.

Getting Closer on
taking it down to the
bare frame

Greg it's a good thing
you sent us a map.
We've never done this
(only kidding)

The Frame
Sitting in the Sunshine
(About time we get
some sunshine around

Another shot in the sun

End of Day

Before Pictures
Here We Go On The Repair !

Getting Started:

That's Joe
Building the Sides

Pete just finished the
(Diamond Plate really
made it nice!)

Front getting ready for
aluminum skin

Close-Up on the Hitch

Here come the sides

Close-Up on the Front

Side View of Rear

Tire Work

That's Pete

Rear Frame  Work

New Floor
Floor Plan

Storage Under

Refurbished Entry Door
(The Blue Coating
Protects the Chrome
during construction)

Outside Access to
Under Seating Storage

Close Up

Re-Installed Top Frame
and Fitted

The Center White Piece
is the Cubby Hole

Cubby Hole Shown

Cute Little Table Top

Shown with Drawers

Shown with Drawer
Lock in Locked Position

Corner Seat/Cabinet

Interior Rear

Interior Front

Diamond Plate Entrance
Applying the New Aluminum
(Front View)
Applying the New Aluminum
(Rear View)
The Blue is Protective Coating for the Aluminum & will be removed soon
Applying the New Aluminum
(Rear View - Side Angle)
Applying the New Aluminum
(Driver Side)
Applying the New Aluminum
(Passenger Side)
whoooooo Hoooooo! - Those Cadillac Lights!
The Tire ... Continental Cover Coming Soon.
Close Up Shot.
Light Area Detail
Building the Sides & Tail Fins - Rear View
Sky View
View of Roof Structure
~Very Cool~
Rear View
Aluminum Top & Fancy Bull Nose Trim Coming Next
Aluminum Top Shown without Side Trim
(Check Out the Fancy Front Trim)
Fancy Side Trim with Brass Ends
Side Trim Shown from a Distance
Front Trim
Rear Trim
"A Whole Lot of Polishing going On!
Without the Canvas Installed Poppy kinda looks like a Hot Dog Stand!
Continental Kit Covers the Spare Tire
Work done by Metal Spinner Peter Clark of Grass Valley, CA
Continental Kit really gives Poppy a finished look.
Without Continental Kit
Before Picture
Moon Wheel Discs tie into the theme of the Trailer
Moon Wheel Discs tie into the theme of the Trailer
Putting in the Ceiling
Ceilng Detailed + Lights + Latch for Storing Door